Clarewell Clinics is built on a foundation of knowledge provided by a team of highly trained and experienced Sexual Health Specialists.

We believe that, in order to offer our patients the highest level of care, it is essential to reflect on our practices and share this knowledge with others. 

Our lectures are designed for healthcare professionals and are free of charge. However, members of the public who are drawn to this most fascinating field are also encouraged to attend.

We will cover important topics including changes in guidelines, exploring new and profound research and providing insight into how to deal with complex patients.

In the past, our Seminars have covered a variety of topics including: 'Changes in HIV window periods' & 'A journey through HPV, including warts, cancers and vaccines'. But, we have only just begun.

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey.

Kindest regards,
Clarewell Clinics
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